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Frequently asked questions

What is conveyancing?
Conveyancing is the transfer of legal title or property from one person to another when buying or selling a property. This work is usually done by a licensed conveyancer or solicitor.
Why do I need a conveyancer?
A conveyancer carries out all the legal aspects of buying, selling or remortgaging your property, from handling contracts, carrying out searches, raising enquiries about the property you are buying, to transferring the legal ownership of a property from one party to another.

It’s possible to carry out your own conveyancing, however the work involved is very labour intensive and time consuming.

By using themoveassistant, you can stay fully informed on the progress of your conveyancing case every step of the way with our online tracking system, available 24/7, as well as receiving regular email updates.
Do I need to use a local solicitor or conveyancer?
Although in the past conveyancing was carried out by a local solicitor or conveyancer, this is no longer the case as many conveyancers and solicitors conduct transactions using email and online technology.
How do I choose my conveyancer using themoveassistant?
You can generate a quote by selecting the Get Quotes button. The form takes less than a minute to complete, and can you choose a firm based on price, location or service rating. Once you have decided which firm to go with, there is a button for you to instruct straight away.

Alternatively, if you haven’t decided on your chosen conveyancer at this point, you can retrieve your quotes at a later stage.
How do you vet your solicitors and licensed conveyancers?
All the solicitor and licensed conveyancing partners undergo a strict and robust panel application process to ensure they meet with industry standards. These are checked and monitored on an ongoing basis, and are authorised and regulated by either the Solicitors Regulation Authority or the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.
If I have a complaint about my chosen solicitor, what should I do?
Please contact us at or call 01844 390847 if you need to discuss a potential complaint.
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